Watching 10 seasons of The Walking Dead in 1 month

For the longest time, most of my friends kept saying to me,

"Kieran, you gotta watch The Walking Dead. It's really good!"

And my response would always be,

"I might do eventually. I've got a million different things to watch that's saved on my watch list".

One night, I decided I would re-subscribe to Disney Plus because I hadn't used the service in months, and I just wanted to see what new things had been added since. As soon as I logged in after re-subscribing, the first thing I saw was,

"Season 11 of The Walking Dead streaming exclusively on Disney Plus".

I don't know why, but this sparked my interest in finally wanting to watch it. The constant nagging from friends was probably a contributing factor, but I decided to give the first episode of season 1 a watch and I was instantly hooked.

From there on out, any spare time I had in the day, I would be in my bedroom watching The Walking Dead. I literally spent a whole month binge-watching 10 seasons!

I'm now just waiting for all of the episodes from season 11 to be fully released and then I'll binge-watch that season too.

I really need to get out more.

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